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A little more about me

Based in the North west of the UK. I Started my journey into Knife making many years ago by turning an old file into a working knife, that set me on a journey finding a craft I was really passionate about. This soon led onto forging Damascus or pattern welded steel and forging San Mai from stainless steel.

I love the process of forging Damascus and then turning it into knives Axes and tools.

A large part of the craft is learning the art of heat treating and tempering, I work with many mono steels as well as Damascus, understanding the  process of heat treating the many different steel types is probably the most important part of a knife build, edge retention and stability is key to a good Knife.


Forging my own Damascus means I can pretty much cater for most patterns feather pattern being a favourite of mine I mainly use

1095 / 15N20 mix for Damascus I also forge stainless san mai with a 1095 core.

Mono steels such as 52100, 80CRV2, 01, 75CR1, I use on a regular basis and Stainless Niolox, and semi D2. I also recycle old carbon steel tools such as files and saw blades on some projects. I make just about anything you can imagine from Chef/kitchen knives outdoor and bushcraft knives and folding knives I like the variety of the different types grinds and edge profiles these bring. Each Knife is tested at every stage on my Rockwell tester ensuring the optimal hardness and edge retention for the steel. I make and hand stitch my sheaths from top quality 4mm veg tan leather which is then dyed and treated ready for use. 

I do pride myself in the work I produce and good customer service to match. I cant list all the different styles of knives I make so why not get in touch I can usually make something that fits your requirements 

All knives are supplied razor sharp and come with instructions on sharpening and care.

Feather Damascus slipjoints 
Forged 1.5lb damascus Axe

Axes and other tools

I make a variety of tools including Axes forged from mono steels and Damascus Draw knives Lathe chisels and spoon carving tools these are some of the many different types I make. Tools such as this can be heat treated to suit the particular task they are used for plus you have a known tool steel type and confidence that when the tool is sharpened it will perform its task. I check each tool and knife through the build process making sure the edge is up to the task it was designed for then when I know the heat treating is right the tool can be finished and my logo added.

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