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July 2021

Been a while since I updated the blog but lots have happened since the last post including covid! I now have my lovely old Centec milling machine fully operational and fitted with dro read outs, have got to grips with the old Herbert surface grinder which is producing fantastic finishes. I recently restored an old 1950 s Meddings pillar drill which is a pleasure to use and have since fully restored the 1940s Elliot pillar drill that now sit next to each other.

I am doing more work on Bowie knives than ever before, I have always loved the design and style of these knives, going forward I intend to forge multi layer bars and something new to add the whole range which is a hot gun blue finish.

I forged out a Katana some time ago and reluctantly got around to the sanding and polishing last week, hope to have that finished and sent off before the summer is out. Will be staying away from Katanas for a while for sure.

I keep being asked for slip joint folders, and although I do enjoy making them, well actually I more enjoy finishing them. They seem to take forever to get just right so if you ask for one please be prepared to wait as I only intend to build around 4 per year going forward.


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