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Time for a change

Updated: May 13, 2019

Hi There.

New look website with some updated info , should be able to keep this new site more current, and this blog updated with upcoming products.

You also may have noticed a few name changes on facebook and youtube, Its about time everything was linked together been told this many times and its a bit of a faff doing it all but it should make things easier in the long run.

I have a collaboration upcoming with a well known youtube bushcraft channel, been discussing a couple of projects with him and really looking forward to getting things started, will update as soon as plans are firmed up.

The workshop... Since going full time in October last year and finishing the new forging shop, been trying to reorganise the main shop while keeping the work flowing through. And since renovating the Myford ML7 lathe, have painted the whole shop floor which was a real pain having to move everything at least twice !

Much nicer and brighter now though, put up with that concrete finish for too long.

Will be making a new sliding head for the forging press very soon as soon as I get back from the Edale bushcraft show where I'm having a stall again this year. The last few months has been real busy completing orders and trying to build up some stock to sell at the show.


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